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The best phrase for any football fan or lover is “And it’s a goal!”. Football being a game of passion has an energy that possesses every fan and lover when their favorite teams are playing or score a goal. Have you ever seen a fanatic when his/her team scores? You get to see them full of joy and excitement as though they just received the best news ever.
soccer fans celebrating a goal

soccer fans celebrating a goal

Football fans scattered all over the world celebrate a particular goal simultaneously either individually or collectively. You can imagine a goal being scored in a stadium in England and people in the USA, Nigeria, France, Egypt, Senegal, Japan, Germany, and all over the world are jubilating. It shows how much people love the game and how much they will celebrate the teams and players when they perform well.
As a youth footballer, have you ever dreamt of or imagined your goal being celebrated by millions of people over the world? Have you ever imagined the goosebumps that come when your name is being chanted by over 60,000 people in a stadium? That feeling cannot be compared to any.
MFA players celebrating their Abesan cup win in 2013

MFA players celebrating their Abesan cup win in 2013

The dream of every aspiring footballer is to get to the professional stage and make a name for him/herself. To achieve this, one must work hard, stay committed, and motivated. You must be patient to grow with the number of people celebrating your goals at every point in time. Start with only you and your teammates celebrating, then to your neighborhood/community, and continually advance. In due time, you will get the feeling of goosebumps. and unbridled joy.
I will leave you with this question, upon getting to the professional stage, how would you celebrate your first goal as a professional player?
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Written by Oseremen Omoifoh, follow him on Twitter @gemen_ose

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